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For over two decades, I have dedicated myself to serving our community. Since 2020, during a critical period for our state and nation, I have served as an elected Member on the Frederick County Board of Education. Throughout my tenure on the board, my unwavering commitment has been focused on improving the experiences of our students, parents, staff, and community members, leading to significant changes in both practice and policy.


Some of the key accomplishments during my time on the board include increasing the starting salaries for staff and emphasizing kindness as an essential trait in employee recruitment. Recognizing the growing demand for STEM skills in the future, I have been a staunch advocate for equitable STEM education, resulting in the acquisition of dynamic and cost-effective tools to enhance our students' exposure to robotics and computer science.

I have passionately championed the increase of daily and long-term substitute pay and initiated the motion to implement one-to-one computer technology across all schools. Additionally, I have worked to ensure that changes made to the Public Comment Policy do not silence the voices of students, parents, staff, and community members.

I took the initiative to begin the development of FCPS's first Homework Policy with the aim of prioritizing every student's success and mental well-being. During my tenure, I was part of the team that oversaw the hiring and smooth transition of Dr. Cheryl Dyson into the role of Superintendent.

Throughout my time on the board, every initiative I have championed or supported shares a common thread, a strong emphasis on serving our community. I look forward to carrying this heart of service into our nation's capital.

Highlights :

  • Elected Member of the Frederick County Board of Education 

  • 20+ years of teaching experience (STEM Courses) 

  • B.S. in Biology/Minor in Chemistry

  • M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction / Educational Technology

  • Former Sci.& Math Teacher Specialist w/FCPS Highly Able Learner (HAL) Program

  • Former Asst. Director of JHU-APL Math Science Achievement Program (MESA)

  • Co-Patent Holder: Designs to Protect Healthcare Workers Patent #US10524525B2

  • 12+ years coaching experience (Basketball, Soccer)

  • Former Tournament Director & National Level Coach, Maryland Science Olympiad

  • Author, Science Olympiad New Coach's Guide to Success 

  • 2010 Lions Club Co-Teacher of the Year Recipient

  • 2008 Frederick County Character Counts Award Recipient 

  • 2006 Walt Disney Teacher of the Year Award Nominee


Serve, Educate & Inspire

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