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Frederick County school board member launches campaign for Md. 6th District


Ceoli Jacoby News-Post Staff

November 6, 2023

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"On the board, Johnson has advocated extending voting rights to the student member, hiring more educators of color, and reducing the amount of homework for students in Frederick County Public Schools. Johnson’s campaign website lists priorities such as investing in education, funding infrastructure like broadband internet and sustainable energy, implementing monetary policies aimed at inflation control and supporting programs for veterans. In an interview with The Frederick News-Post, Johnson said he hopes to “bring a service-focused, nonpartisan approach to Maryland” if elected to Congress. “On the board, I always listen. I don’t want to shame anyone or put anybody out,” Johnson said. “Your voice in the nation’s capital is the heart of our campaign.”

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School board member wants FCPS to rethink homework policy


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Jillian Atelsek News-Post Staff

August 10, 2023

A Frederick County Board of Education member thinks the school district should examine and possibly alter its approach to homework assignments.Board member Jason Johnson gave a presentation on the philosophies and research underpinning homework to his colleagues at the board's work session on Wednesday afternoon. Johnson said he has long had an interest in the topic and wanted the board to consider it. During the presentation, Johnson reviewed data about where in the world students do the most homework versus where they achieve the best academic results. He argued — as some studies have suggested — that more homework doesn't correlate to higher achievement.

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Frederick High graduates come out united after turbulent start

Clara Niel News-Post Staff

May 22, 2023

"The graduates will leave many things behind in high school as they advance to the next chapter of their lives, said Frederick County Board of Education member Jason Johnson, a speaker during the ceremony. But he wanted graduates to take at least three things into their future: appreciation, service and passion.

He said he wanted graduates to change the world however they can.

“Be kind to strangers. Find a new way to meet new friends and share what you have. Whether it be time, talent, compassion or resources, we all have something to give,” Johnson said."

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BOE makes cuts, program reductions to ease budget shortfall

Jillian Atelsek News-Post Staff

May 18, 2023

"Board President Sue Johnson and Board Member Jason Johnson said they did not want to cut the virtual program, since it benefited students who can’t otherwise learn in an in-person environment.“There’s a real need and also it keeps us nimble,” Jason Johnson said. He said he believed the board could find funding to fully maintain the program....The motion passed 5-2, with Sue Johnson and Jason Johnson voting not to reduce the program. The program will still be available to students who are “medically fragile,” according to board documents."

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Catoctin graduates bid nervous, excited farewell to high school

Jillian Atelsek News-Post Staff

May 25, 2022

"Johnson went on to ask the graduates three questions: What do you hate? What do you love? What would you do for free?

He encouraged the students to ponder the questions over the coming days. Doing so would help them figure out what they wanted to change in the world, he said. “Your responses to these questions is what will change the future,” Johnson said, “and provide hope to millions of souls waiting for you to continue your journey and walk in your calling.”

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FCPS aiming to secure more Chromebooks for elementary classrooms

Jillian Atelsek News-Post Staff

January 31, 2022

"The system already has a Chromebook for all middle and high school students, a benchmark school staff refer to as “one-to-one.” The board had planned to reach that mark at all elementary schools by 2025, but members now plan to spend roughly $2 million over the next two years in an effort to speed things up.

Board member Jason Johnson, during a Jan. 26 meeting, originally argued the system should become one-to-one at the elementary level by the start of next school year, but later amended his request, aiming to reach that point by 2024."

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FCPS approves conversion charter for Sabillasville Elementary

Jillian Atelsek News-Post Staff

November 22, 2021

"The existing Sabillasville Elementary School will be converted to a public charter school focusing on agriculture and environmental studies at the end of this school year, the Frederick County Board of Education decided Monday night..."

"For the community activists lobbying to save their school from closure, Monday’s decision felt like clearing the last major hurdle in a years-long fight Alisha Yocum, president of Sabillasville’s parent teacher organization, was swarmed by cheering friends and neighbors after the vote, many of them wiping away tears.Farming and agriculture is the heartbeat of Frederick County,” said board member Jason Johnson." “I’m actually pretty jazzed for what you guys are going to be doing.”

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FCPS receives summer school and robotics grants

Katryna Perera News-Post Staff

February 26, 2021

" According to information from FCPS, students in the clubs design, build and program robots that are then entered in competitions. This spring, both schools will compete in virtual competitions sponsored by FIRST Robotics, an international organization that inspires students to become leaders and innovators in science and technology...Board member Jason Johnson said he appreciated the grant and what the schools are doing with it, but would like to see the money impact more students in the future."

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FCPS budget includes millions for mental health, academic recovery

Katryna Perera News-Post Staff

January 22, 2021

"Board member Jason Johnson asked about providing interpretive services for those who speak languages other than English and Spanish. Executive Director of Public Affairs Daryl Boffman said the department is trying to acquire technology that will have the ability to cover other languages. The Department of Accelerated Achievement and Equity is requesting funds to hire five positions to further support English Language Learner students and students identified as Gifted and Talented."

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County board of education race winners confirmed

Katryna Perera News-Post Staff

November 18, 2020

"Jason "Mr. J" Johnson said he's humbled and looking forward to serving the residents of the county. He thanked his family for allowing him to take such a journey. Johnson said he plans to go into his first meeting with "open ears.""Right now, as I begin, it's all about gathering information from different perspectives...and making wise decisions based on the information presented," he said. "

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Jason Johnson wants to address the perception gap

Katryna Perera News-Post Staff

May 26, 2020

Jason Johnson is known by most of his students as “Mr. J.” The nickname, which got tacked on years ago, has stuck and now brands everything the Frederick County Board of Education candidate does.

“My life’s passion is to educate and inspire,” Johnson said.

A former Frederick County Public Schools teacher and assistant director of the Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) program at Johns Hopkins University, Johnson said his life has finally lined up in the right ways where he can commit to serving on the school board, which is something he has wanted to do for a long time.


"...A question about balancing STEM — science, technology, engineering, math — and the arts in curriculums also drew similar responses from the candidates.

All agreed that an equal balance of both was important but candidate Jason Johnson pointed out that the arts have always been involved in STEM, it just needs to be emphasized."

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Katryna Perera News-Post Staff

May 18, 2020

Ignition Grant Prize:


Awarded to Jason Johnson for collaborating on the design of an innovative one-piece suit that protects health care workers from the spread of deadly infectious diseases.

Nicholas C. Stern News-Post Staff

Jul 7, 2012

When the Asian American Center of Frederick approached Jason Johnson to plan lessons for a Chinese-language camp, some novel circumstances presented themselves.

Johnson, an advanced math and science academics instructor who develops curricula for Frederick County Public Schools, had no model for a program that integrated Mandarin Chinese with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subject matter.


But he figured if Chinese people learn math and science every day, the task had obviously been accomplished before.

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Paulette Campbell JHU-APL Media


Courtney Pomeroy News-Post Staff

Jan 29, 2012

Skiing and figure skating are familiar winter Olympic events, but bottle-rocket making, tower building, and rock and mineral identification were on the minds of Maryland Science Olympiad competitors Saturday at Crestwood Middle School in Frederick.

Jason O.L. Johnson, a Thurmont Middle School science teacher and the Central Maryland Regional Tournament director, said 14 teams competed in 20 science-related events at the third annual invitational.


Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 12.47.21

Kristy Crawford News-Post Staff  

Feb 27, 2011

More than 300 middle school students from the area competed in the Central Maryland Regional Science Olympiad on Saturday at Crestwood Middle School.

Science enthusiasts from nine Frederick County middle schools and 19 other public and private schools competed in challenges ranging from Science Crimebusters to the Junkyard Challenge and Awesome Aquifier.

Monocacy Middle School was among the finalists moving on to the state level.

According to Jason Johnson, tournament director and science teacher at Thurmont Middle School, "The Maryland Science Olympiad's goal is to motivate students to expand their science and technology competence and increase students' insight into investigative processes using hands-on, inquiry-based exploration and teamwork."

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State Science Champs  Going for Gold at Nationals

 NBC 25 News  April, 2008

Thurmont Team to Compete Nationally

Jeremy Hauck Staff Writer - Gazette 

April 17, 2008

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