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Experience that works.

Advocated to Maintain the Public's Voice 
Result: Successfully maintained the speaker selection of topic in the updated public comment policy.

Championed Raises in Pay for Employees 
Result: Successfully passed a motion to raise the minimum pay to $15/hour for all employees.

Advocated for Bus Drivers and Food Service Workers
Result: Successfully passed a motion for incentive pay for bus drivers and food service workers, acknowledging their vital roles.

Championed Raises in Daily & Long-Term Substitute Pay
Result: Successfully passed a motion to increase pay by $3/hour for substitutes to ensure class coverage and teacher retention

Championed Student Equity in STEM Education
Result: Successful Implementation of programming that increased the number students exposed to Computer Science & Robotics.

Enhanced School Climate and Mental Health Support
Result: Supported a motion to grandfather school behavioral specialists, contributing to positive school climate and mental health.

Secured Benefited Employee Status for SEIAs
Result: Supported a motion to to convert SEIAs to benefited employee status.

Hiring of Dr. Cheryl Dyson as Superintendent
Result: Worked collaboratively with the Board to recruit and  hire Dr. Cheryl Dyson as Superintendent.

Advocated for Kindness to be recognized in Employee Recruitment
Result: Recruitment Policy updated  to incorporate kindness as a expectation in the recruitment of educational staff.  


Proposed Homework Policy Developments for Student Mental Health
Result: Identified the need for policy development to support student mental health and offered suggestions for Frederick County's first homework policy.


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