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Why I am running for office:

For over two decades, I have dedicated myself to serving our community. Since 2020, during a critical period for our state and nation, I have served as an elected Member on the Frederick County Board of Education. Throughout my tenure on the board, my unwavering commitment has been focused on improving the experiences of our students, parents, staff, and community members, leading to significant changes in both practice and policy.


Why I am running for office:

I am running to ensure that going forward Maryland will be represented in our nation's capital from a service focused mindset.  Partisan politics can often cloud the judgment of those in office.  This leads to closed ears on important discussions, petty rivalries and unneeded grandstanding which results in limited service to citizens. As your representative in U.S. Congress I will work to overcome partisan strife and focus on leadership that inspires collaboration, not only to meet the challenges faced by our district, but those that affect our nation.  I will seek to initiate and support programs that bring needed funds and opportunities to our district and state, helping move us forward towards a shared and prosperous future.

A teacher at heart, I will continue to advocate for our schools. I will support our parents and educators in providing opportunities for our students to grow and excel in positions of state, national and global leadership. Together we will ensure our students are able to successfully express their gifts and problem-solve  in a future with demands we have yet to encounter.


Serve, Educate & Inspire

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